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About Us

Projects for Europe acronyme PFE is an ASBL based in Brussels whose priorities are expressed through its activities and its main purposes are :

  • To create initiatives whose purpose is to promote the development of the concept “European” in different cultures;

  • to contribute to the creation in the youth, the formation of an identity and a European culture;

  • To act as an entity of promoting and enhancing European artistic and cultural resources with a particular focus on particularly to youth and adults;

  • Promoting all initiatives of the European institutions aimed at financing, assisting and supporting the development of the European Union to develop economic, social, political and cultural activity on European territory;

  • To collaborate with associations, economic legal personalities, foundations, entities, and any other form of heading that may be the beneficiary of economic measures for develop projects that can be financed directly or indirectly, partially or fully by the European institutions, making use of collaborations, studies and necessary advice to achieve the most optimal result;

  • Writing, managing and implementing European projects in support of European policies. Particular attention is given to themes that promote social inclusion, integration, media literacy, youth, life long learning, lifelong learning and active European citizenship;

  • Promoting, organise meetings and cultural, artistic and recreational activities;

  • Promoting cultural exchanges and mobility;

  • Promoting international training activities, publish books, e-books connected to itinerary activities;

  • Promoting international cultural exchanges and mobility, touring to young people and adults in the framework of European programmes;

  • Organizing events, seminars, training, trainings, conferences;

  • Promoting political activities in all possible forms;

  • Promoting and manage initiatives and courses for training, refresher and qualification of the personnel operating in the materials of the object;

  • Establishing prizes, scholarships and research contracts in order to be a meeting point and reference for all employees working in Belgium and abroad;

  • To carry out studies and research;

  • To take care of the editorial activity both through the press and through the publishing of works from third parties, the results of studies and own research;

  • Realize, manage, rent, assume ownership in any capacity whatsoever, purchase goods movable and immovable property, installations and equipment and materials useful and necessary for own activity;

  • Carrying out banking, financial, securities and real estate transactions, as well as claiming grants, contributions and credits;

  • Stipulate contracts, agreements with private individuals from public institutions for the implementation of the above-mentioned activities;

  • Promoting agreements with scientific, cultural and educational institutions, and foreign countries, for the use of the goods in question, with the aim of facilitating the studies and activities of the association, promoting meetings and conventions;

  • Favouring, even through subsidies, the development of institutions, associations, which operate for the realisation of objects similar to those of the association or such as would facilitate the accomplishment of the objects of the association;

  • To stipulate acts and contracts, even for the financing of deliberate operations, among which are which and without exclusion of others, short or long term mortgages, the acquisition of property or building rights, real estate, and to stipulate an any convention;

  • Administer and manage assets owned, leased or held by any of the following way;

  • Participate in and contribute to the constitution of associations, foundations, consortia and others. associative forms, public or private, to follow the objects of the association;

  • Constitute or participate in the constitution, as an accessory or instrumental, direct or indirect, for the pursuit of institutional, partnership and/or capital, as well as to participate in companies of the same type;

  • To carry out any other instrumental or non-instrumental activity, whether ancillary or related to the objects, even of a commercial nature intended for third parties, in a secondary way and not instrumental to the association’s own objects;

  • Activity of internationalization beyond Europe to create a bridge between different cultures.

PIF (updated 2023): download here

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