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European Projects

Thanks to the experience of an experienced and consolidated staff in European design activities, one of the objectives of Projects For Europe is the participation in European calls for proposals in order to support and spread the policies of the European Union.

The choices of calls for proposals are made according the priorities that constitute the aims of the ASBL.

European Trainings

Training on EU topics and European project Management. Spread the idea of Europe and supporting EU policies is one of the priority, looking at Europe as an opportunity looking for replying the question: “How can I help Europe, how can Europe be more European ?”

Providing tools and understanding European project Management is the essence of the activities of Projects for Europe.

Networking Meetings

Networking meetings is one of the activity organized by Projects For Europe to enter in contact with European organizations in line with EU policies and in harmony with our priorities following a spirit of a European Union united and more cohesive looking the way to support EU priorities even if from different cultures and perspectives.

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