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COHERENT project

3.KA3: European Youth Together
COHERENT: A Circle Of youth for tHe EuRope wE want

Applicant : Mladinski kulturni center Maribor (MKC)

ProjeCT NUMBER : 62400-EPP-1-2020-1-SI-EPPKA3-EU-YTH

Duration: 18 Months 15/5/2021 till to 15/11/2022


Within the project Work Packages (WPs) we will foster positive behaviour change in youth to become an active co-creators of the society.

Youth in EU needs tools, networking, best practices and competences to realize their potential. In partner countries, we have identified that youth are in general reluctant to engage in a collaboration outside local environment and connect more, share ideas and information via experience exchange, which is a basis for COHERENT.

The project’s main objective is to increase youth participation in civic life related to the youth goals, to foster cross-border mobility and increase youth cooperation in projects.



Coherent Summer School

Exchange and sharing. Exploration of European values, especially those of solidarity and citizenship. Opening girls’ and boys’ minds through collaborative learning. Discovering new horizons through collaboration. All this will be the focus of the Coherent Summer School in Maribor, Slovenia, from 5 to 9 September. A great opportunity for young and very young Europeans from different parts of the continent to get to know each other’s lifestyles and cultures, transfer good practices to each other, and break stereotypes. But above all, an opportunity to learn how to unlock the full potential of sharing, confrontation, dialogue, and the development of common and universal solutions to priorities. The participants, whose airfare, subsistence and youth hostel will be financed, will have the opportunity to have a real-life experience that will remain deeply engraved in their personal development. They will be the first to feel an important cell in the birth of the European society of today and tomorrow.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate, to fill in the form and pack your backpack. See you in Maribor!


On 8 November 2022, the first Open Dialogue for the project “Coherent – A Circle of Youth for the Europe we Want” (624600- EPP-1-2020-1-SI-EPPKA3-EU-YTHTOG) will take place in Brussels.

PFE will realise a 1-day training event where the following have been invited:

  • 20 young people including young people who participated in the COHERENT SUMMER CAMP
  • 3 local policy-makers

The aim of this event will be to connect and involve young people in future policy initiatives, validate policy toolkits by decision makers and young people, and engage young people in further capacity building activities.

The activity will take place at: Avenue du Sippelberg 2 1080 BRUSSELS

organised by PFE Project For Europe (RUE D’EDIMBOURG 26, 1050 BRUSSELS).


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