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Innovative Methodology for preventing Radicalization to promote Social Inclusion of Youth

Project Acronym: OPEN MINDS

Project Total Duration: 24 months PROJECT END DATE 31 JAN 2023

National Agency of the Applicant Organisation: DK01 Danish Agency for Higher Education



Open- Minds is a transnational project which seeks to investigate and fight the phenomenon of radicalization, as well as to understand the modern tendencies of extremism and radicalization which flows on Social Media and how this impacts the society.

In a context of increasingly polarized societies, with extremist ideologies spreading and presenting high threats to social cohesion in Europe, the EU and its Member States are recognizing the need to develop effective prevention policies and intervention scenarios supporting social inclusion and cohesive societies. It is especially relevant to focus on psychological and social mechanisms of alienation, radicalization and deradicalization of young people in European urban contexts.


Transnational Partner Meeting. Turin 5 – 6 October 2021

Transnational Partner Meeting. Larisa 17-18 May 2022

Transnational Partner Meeting. Brussels, Belgium, 25th and 26th October, 2022


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