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PFE is particularly Active in green activities, it is starting joint big networks to the aim of improving its knowledge of green and keep high the awareness of their associates in this field. Green deal   and its policies is the reference of our activities.

European Active Citizenship

What does it mean being a European citizen? how can we act as European citizen? Affirming active European citizenship means pursuing the objectives and sharing the values enshrined in the Treaties. An aware EU citizen can express its proper identity in a real more conscious way looking at EU beyond geographical borders.


Promoting projects on education is one of the main priority of Projects for Europe. An education based on life long learning approach and work based learning activities addressed to adults and youth, through the support and promotion of soft skills looking at enhancing competences to the aim of supporting multicultural professional profiles able to express their professional identity all over and beyond Europe.


Education in entrepreneurship looking also at failure as an opportunity of growth, learning how to connect abilities, risks, ideas, objectives to the aim of reaching profits and personal and professional self realization.

Media Literacy

Education on media literacy is essential to be in tune with digital agenda and the opportunity to communicate in a way more aware and responsible. Projects for Europe will promote projects and activities to be more educated in media literacy.

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion is about the inclusion of the individual in a social network, it makes him feel welcomed, in a condition of fairness and equal opportunity. Social inclusion is one of the main policies supported and promoted by the European Union through programmes and policies aimed at promoting social, political and cultural integration. Projects for Europe pursues the same objectives.

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