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About the Project

Facilitate the social insertion of adult migrants over 50 years old, through the development of skills and competences in the European entrepreneurial culture to develop small-scale sustainable ventures with low/no impact on the environment, using the “Agile Business Design (BUSThink)” methodology that innovatively merges the Business Model Canvas with Design Thinking.

Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?

International training workshops
Focus groups and in-depth interviews
Mapping of expectations, needs and characteristics of older migrants who want to start a business in Europe
Online tutorials to assist beneficiaries in the development of their business plans
Final participatory event
Dissemination of the project and its results, with local, national and European impact

Results: What results do you expect your project to have?

Training, coaching and assistance to older migrants, in order to obtain competences in the formulation of their own business plans and the realisation of their self-employment ventures
Development and dissemination of an innovative methodology (BUSThink), which allows the transmission of concepts of entrepreneurship and the development of business plans in a non-formal learning context

More Projects

Within the project Work Packages (WPs) we will foster positive behavior change in youth to become an active co-creators of the society.
The main project objective is to promote pro/active citizenship through the engagement of young Europeans around the Sustainable Development Goals themes and issues.
The main objective of EYES is to encourage young people to participate as active agents in the climate change mitigation process