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About the Project

TITLE: EYES for Climate – Enhancing Youth Engagement Skills for Climate Actions

The main objective of EYES is to encourage young people to participate as active agents in the climate change mitigation process in urban areas that are marginalised or suburban, in order to promote a transition from a simple awareness of climate change to an active involvement.

The specific objectives are:

to strengthen the capacity and capabilities of the partner organizations in the field of youth engagement in the marginalized areas and in the suburbs
to increase youth knowledge and skills in the area of climate change effects in urban regions by establishing a framework for pilot training in environmental topics relating to climate changes in marginalized areas of urban areas
to promote the development of innovative neighborhood practices in response to the climate change effects

The main results expected from the planned activities of EYES are:

one training format developed with whole partnership contribution completed, verified, and quality controlled by months 5
three pilot tests of the training format effectively implemented with the involvement of at least 30 youth by month 10
three youth urban labs created by youth and implemented by month 14
at least 20 young people for each country involved in the urban labs
three demonstrative environmental actions carried out by the project’s end
minimum 120 (40 per country) young people aged between 15-20 years old involved in the demonstrative environmental actions
One networking action set by the end of month 14

The horizontal priority “Environment and fight against climate change” is connected to the main objective. The entire action plan will contribute strongly to youth awareness-raising about climate change and, in general, environmental local challenges in the selected urban area. Especially from the focus on awareness reinforcement methodology, training, and concrete actions, we expect EYES to develop targeted youth competencies in better engaging young locals in initiatives tackling climate change. Furthermore, EYES supports the test of a training methodology able to improve the capacities of youth to create awareness and stimulate engagement of youth and, in general, of local citizens on environmental topics closely related to climate change in urban areas. An effect on behavioral changes is expected as well as the promotion  of active citizenship among the young people directly involved in the project. Volunteering actions for climate change prevention and awareness as planned are also strictly linked to this youth priority. 

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