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About the Project

Green up, a project with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship (including social entrepreneurship) among young people, has begun.

In particular, it aims to educate young people about the mechanics and possibilities of green entrepreneurship as a career choice. Important are the knowledge and understanding of the EU Green Deal, which will give young people insight into new opportunities to create businesses, related to the Green Deal and the circular economy.

The main objective of the project is to build capacity and skills of entrepreneurship of at least 100 young people in Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium and Greece in the field of the Green Deal and the Circular Economy, by developing state-of-the-art report, 45 micro-training modules for young people, an innovative flipped and peer-to-peer learning based methodology for youth workers to ensure modern transfer of knowledge to youngsters, and designing an e-platform. 

To achieve “GREEN-UP” objectives three main WPs will be implemented:

Analysis of youth competencies and green business eco-systems;
Development of “GREEN-UP” e-platform;
Creation of digital micro-training modules boosting entrepreneurship in a framework of CE and Green Deal.

The main results of “GREEN-UP” project”:

International state-of-the-art analysis youth competencies and green business eco-systems;
“GREEN-UP” e-platform;
45 digital micro-training modules boosting entrepreneurship in a framework of CE and Green Deal;
Methodology guidelines based flipped and peer-to-peer learning for youth workers.


More Projects

Within the project Work Packages (WPs) we will foster positive behavior change in youth to become an active co-creators of the society.
Facilitate the social insertion of adult migrants over 50 years old, through the development of skills and competences
The main project objective is to promote pro/active citizenship through the engagement of young Europeans around the Sustainable Development Goals themes and issues.