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About the Project

YESDGs, by facilitating transnational networking, engagement, learning, and action, aims to build the capacity of young people, from a variety of backgrounds, to:

Understand the Sustainable Development Goals and climate change context, policy and research.

The main project objective is to promote pro/active citizenship through the engagement of young Europeans around the Sustainable Development Goals themes and issues. The concept aims to create and enhance awareness among young people on the topic, empowering them to compare perspectives from across Europe and discuss ideas for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In this way, the project will enhance awareness, interest, knowledge and participation of 24 young people living in rural areas in civic participation activities, thereby contributing to community inclusion, social innovation, sustainable growth and quality economic opportunities.

Recognize tools to help amplify their voices on the climate crisis and offer inspiring and original insights on issues that matter to them
Boost informal learning and mobility by developing tools to facilitate young people and youth workers to develop the skills and competencies to actively participate in discussions and in setting the agenda for decisions on topics such as climate change, sustainability and digital transition and promote young people’s sense of initiative
Develop a supportive ecosystem by creating toolkits to develop skills, processes and procedures to effectively engage with young people to facilitate collaboration, meaningful participation, inclusion, creativity and innovation
Strengthen young people’s professional and personal development and ability to engage with and contribute effectively to rural community resilience in the face of civic, social, cultural, environmental, climate and economic challenges
Increase engagement of young people across various social, cultural and age groups, encouraging intercultural dialogue, knowledge and recognition of diversity and promotion of tolerance
Increase awareness, knowledge and uptake of the tools developed, adding value to EU local democracy by actively facilitating the inclusion of young people in the decision-making process by issuing a final Manifesto addressed to policy makers
Become active citizens and participate in actions to address climate change through mitigation and adaptation measures
Promote a sense of active citizenship and climate entrepreneurship. Promoting active citizenship is connected to entrepreneurship education, as both support people to take a proactive approach to leading and taking opportunities to achieve targets. Identification of gaps and opportunities is required for transformative ideas to take hold and young people to understand how to mobilize resources, take initiative and work with others to achieve concrete climate action activities

More Projects

Within the project Work Packages (WPs) we will foster positive behavior change in youth to become an active co-creators of the society.
Facilitate the social insertion of adult migrants over 50 years old, through the development of skills and competences
The main objective of EYES is to encourage young people to participate as active agents in the climate change mitigation process