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Youth Play

About the Project

PROJECT END DATE: 29/02/2024

Since 2020, the world has been suffering significant health and economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has had a disproportionate impact on the welfare and education of young people. A new crisis is about to arise due to the current migration situation from Ukraine. All these conditions plus environmental issues are always on the EU agenda.

For this reason, the main idea of the You(TH)Play project is to combine work on environmental protection with digital learning, thanks to a learning model based on virtual games, and in this way provide support for addressing these issues, which are among the EU’s horizontal priorities.

The priority of the project will be to increase quality and innovation in youth work through the application and use of the gamification methodology in a virtual context. The same method will be used to address the issue of environmental awareness and climate change by working with young people. The gamification methodology will enable a greater digitalisation of youth work and the strengthening of youth workers’ capacity to work with technologies.

On the other hand, the project will seek to create and test a virtual gamified PILOT space producing real digital learning based on real-life knowledge of environmental education called a VIRTUAL PLANET. By developing a knowledge-based game on the particular topic of environmental conservation and combating climate change, the You(TH)Play project will respond positively to this priority that has been high on the EU agenda for years.

Specific objectives:

To build the capacity of participating entities to implement modern blended learning on environmental issues, using gamification tools and virtual space technologies
To develop high-quality content on environmental conservation, using virtual space
To develop additional pedagogical skills of youth workers and educators, enabling them to develop high-quality environmental education
Share best practices in game-based and environmental learning

Target groups:

The main target groups of this project are youth workers, non-formal education workers, staff members and educators,non-formal education, staff members and educators working in NGOs who will use the virtual game-based learning solution environmentally in their daily work with young people
Partner organisations are also the main target group, of their ability to provide game-based learning activities for young people and learning about environmental issues through innovative and eco-friendly tools.
Youth groups will also be the main potential beneficiaries, as they will be the main users of the game-based learning tool for environmental protection and preservation


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