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The Reintegrate Wellbeing project seeks to achieve a better understanding of policies and practices tacking burnout, support workers victims of burnout and often in long-term unemployment to re-enter the job market, finding again motivation and self-confidence. It also seeks to support employers in creating create a healthier workplace which promotes the engagement and well-being of employees.

Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?

Development of methodological framework and Policies and Practices Toolbox; Design of a 360o Curriculum for workers and employers and two Handbooks, complemented by mentoring program; Design and implementation of MOOC platform for learning materials and access to mentors, and of mini-Job Fairs favoring the encounter of workers and employers in healthier work environments; research activities, technical preparation, testing, graphic design, translations; dissemination
and exploitation materials.

Results: What project results and other outcomes do you expect your project to have?

Approaches and tools to enhance soft skills, soft-skills and motivation among workers and improve organizational practices among employers; overview of policies and practices to increase awareness of the problem; lower social stigma and increased resilience to burnout and its consequences; higher access to adult training for discouraged workers, supporting social inclusion.



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